A Great Peace

My last thoughts were of my oldest son, Philip, who is now at rest in Abraham’s bosom. Somewhere that is not final but eternal.

I have grieved deeply. It’s true that time helps. But I wonder, “This quickly?”  I know there are others who have grieved with me. Maybe we are all carrying this together and the burden becomes lighter. Have not thought about it that much but makes sense.

I know friends and family are praying…at times I can feel so loved by Yahweh (Lord of all) and know it’s proof of His carrying me and others on this journey through the shadow of death. How awesome this experience has become. Light overtakes darkness.

One difference is that I look up for my help now. He is so faithful!  I’m so tired of digging in a graveyard and finding nothing but bones. May Abba help me to stay in this position with my focus forward!

I used to be so afraid that Abba would never be able to use my vessel but He has shown me everyday how being His servant works. It all works by His Love.

The moral?  Give all of yourself to Him, and He will walk with you in peace and joy.

Learn what true “Shalom” is. Walk His Way.

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