Hello world!

I didn’t realize!

This was started back in 2012 but I’m slow…meant to be a joke…anyway.

I added the app on my phone not realizing that I already had this site but under a different email so my phone is different from this one. I will have to change that…humm…on my phone of course.

I’m NOT a writer by any means but like to put my thoughts and musings down as well as lessons I’m learning from studying Yahweh’s Word.

I started studying my Hebrew roots in 2008 in a home bible study with much more learned people than myself.  I wanted to know what it was all about because the churches I had attended over the years were so depressing, disappointing, boring, and more I won’t try to explain.  I really loved some of the people but after 40 years of hearing the same messages over and over again but not seeing any changes in my life or anyone else’s, I just couldn’t take it anymore and quit going.  I continued to read Yahweh’s Word and pray, pray, pray for more truth and purpose to life and finally in 2008 a beautiful young woman walked into my life, Amber, where I worked with a glow about her that I wanted to know about. Questions were asked by me and she invited me to her home where her family had a Friday night Shabbot!  Shabbot???  What in the world was that all about?  When I went, I saw the a glow and love on faces that I had been longing to see in all the churches I had attended.  I experienced real love from them through acceptance and interest in knowing me! WOW  That was new!

All they did was read Yahweh’s Word together and discuss it with an added Jewish type ceremony.  I knew nothing about what they were doing but my mind and heart was eating it up!

I soon found that the people and relationships were not much different than the ones I knew of in Sunday churches but I was hooked by how they studied Elohim’s (God’s) Word and actually had a family type relationship with each other.  A lot of that came from being in a small group but there was something else to it.  I have discovered that the key to that bond was really obeying Elohim’s Word from the beginning of the Bible to the end.

This learning, over these years has brought about real changes in my heart and mind and a love and peace I have always wanted for my life.  I have found my identity as a believer in Yeshua haMashia, grafted into the vine of the household of our great Creator, Yahweh.  I am one of the members of the lost tribes of Israel and will one day live with Him and His people in His land.

I know this will sound like a fairy tale to the majority and have been told so by one of my children.  It’s ok, we all must make a choice and I guess I’m writing this blog so that maybe someone may learn from Elohim’s Word and find this way for themselves, if they so choose.

Many blessings and love to anyone who reads this!

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